Crystal Lion - Native Young.

I don’t know much about Native Young, other than they hail from none other than Cape Town and, judging by the rather accomplished three tracks they’ve posted online thus far, they’re probably gonna be absolutely massive.

Muchos gracias to Sinora Grumpy Panda for the hot tip.

Contributed by @lancedaniels.

  • Trainwreck 1979 - Death From Above 1979.

    Death From Above 1979 is one of those bands I’ve heard about for years, but never listened to. Since it’s release, I’ve been hearing this song on the radio heaps, but I didn’t click it was them until about a week or two ago, a friend suggested I listen to this album. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but quite enjoyed what I heard. And then this song came on and I exclaimed to myself, “I KNOW THIS ONE!”. And I’ve been listening to it ever since. Really great song, really great sound. Amazing the sound they’ve created with only a bass guitar, drums and vocals. This is the drum and bass I can enjoy. Also surprised to discover that in their 13 year existence (including a hiatus in the middle), this is only their second album. Anyway, check it out. It’s fantastic.

    Contributed by @SchweppsRocka

  • Dangerous Days - Zola Jesus.

    Wielding one of the best voices in pop music with the precision of a nuclear scientist, Zola Jesus has emerged from her crystal chrysalis with a new album. That she’s now signed to Mute Records seems like the logical next step in her ascendancy into the ranks of the uber-influential artists set to shape the musical landscape of this decade: she’s already being compared to Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, and Elizabeth Fraser. Huge shoes to fill.

    Rolling Stone describes the massive sound of Dangerous Days as “what Katy Perry might sound like recovering from a bad breakup with a steady diet of The Cure and New Order”. It throbs to the pulse of these troubling times, but the desolation isn’t only borrowed from the world at large. There’s a glittering intimacy here, a warm heart to the icy soundscape. With a suitably boreal music video filmed in Washington state’s Hoh Rainforest, this first single is but a taste of the dark delights that await on Taiga, her new album released 7 October 2014 on Mute.

    Contributed by @orchidhunter.

  • Above The Clouds of Pompeii - Bears Den.

    "Above The Clouds of Pompeii" is the first single of the up and coming Bears Den. After the success of their Within/Without EP earlier this year, Bears Den have followed up with an incredibly catchy tune that Rolling Stone says is “a gorgeous, enveloping sound driven by the steady hum of acoustic instruments and Andrew’s haunted voice delivering “lyrically sincere and emotionally raw songs.”

    And from all reports the upcoming album, Islands (out 20th Oct) is equally as good.

    Contributed by @johnpienaar

  • Rumble - Kelis.

    Kelis has a remarkably elegant and raw voice that has captured fans since the late 90s. Her latest album Food is fairly different from any of her other music and it is quite clear that being at the top of the charts no longer tickles her fancy - and I love it! This sound does her voice far more justice than anything else she has produced in the past. Kelis even has a new show on The Cooking Channel called Saucy & Sweet. On “Rumble”, her raw voice over the percussions, horns and piano sounds flawless with her voice swinging between emotions of anger and pleading as she sings about her emotional turmoil with an ex love.

    Contributed by @rhodemarshall

  • Take Me To Church - Hozier

    County Wicklow’s finest young troubadour will be releasing his début solo album next month (pre-order here). This particular track proved to be his breakthrough single earlier in the year and I’m excited to hear what comes next. A resonant voice tackling consequential themes. What’s not to like?

    Contributed by @grant_mcdermott

  • Black Lemon - Generationals.

    I have been streaming the new Generationals album Alix since it debuted on Vice on Tuesday. It is getting me psyched for summer, which is saying a lot because it’s not exactly my favourite season. Well, the Generationals can get me psyched for anything.

    Contributed by @miss_moss.

  • Beaten By The Gun - Taxi Violence.

    I can’t believe it’s been ten years of Taxi Violence. I remember hosting a pop-up secret gig with them, in the bush at Oppikoppi, using the Red Bull Radio Land Rover and setting up in a random place, to random passersby. They played the most amazing ‘unplugged’ gig, still one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of great bands. This is off Tenfold, which is out now I think. They’ve stayed true.

    Contributed by @chrisroper.