Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix) - Caribou.

Just one listen to this and not only will your Monday improve, you’ll be hooked to this rather pleasant tune for a few days.

Our Love, Caribou’s second album, is out in October and you can pre-order it here.

Contributed by @rowaneva.

  • Stay With Me - Sam Smith

    "Stay With Me" is a beautiful simple pop ballad by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith. Sam released his début album In the Lonely Hour this year and has already received top ten status in over twelve countries around the world. Written by Sam and Jimmy Napier, “Stay With Me” details the protagonist pleading that his significant other not leave him. Checkout Sam’s SoundCloud for some cool remixes of the song.

    Contributed by @rhodemarshall.

  • Texas - Magic Man.

    Boston five-piece, Magic Man, released their sophomore album Before The Waves last month. Their sound is a heady mix of Geographer, Foster the People, Passion Pit and much else that has been grabbing your radios attention over the past few months. However, far from being generic, they have the musical smarts to deliver hooks with unnerving accuracy and a freshness that demands attention. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, it sounds ready packaged for an approaching spring.

    Contributed by @grant_mcdermott

  • Race - YURS.

    YURS are from London. That is pretty much all I know about them, since they don’t seem to have a website yet. Well, this song is great anyway, so maybe we’ll know more about them soon enough.

    Contributed by @miss_moss.

  • I Wanna Be Sedated - Shonen Knife.

    This Ramones cover is from Shonen Knife’s first ever album, Burning Farm (1983), which was mostly in Japanese. Kurt Cobain named it as one of his top 50 albums of all time, and Shonen Knife actually toured with Nirvana and Sonic Youth, among others. They were one of the first Japanese all girl bands, and are still going strong. They have never betrayed their weird mashup of punk DIY and pop enthusiasm.

    Contributed by @chrisroper

  • All The Time - Bahamas.

    Bahamas is the solo project of Toronto-based guitarist and musical gun-for-hire Afie Jurvanen. With a carefully trained ear for melody that he’s honed during his time playing with the likes of Feist and Howie Beck, Jurvanen’s solo project has a stripped-down and contemplative sound that focuses on doing more with less, allowing his voice and guitar to do most of the heavy lifting on his quiet indie folk meditations.

    Contributed by @fictionfred

  • Neighborhoods #1 (Arcade Fire Cover) - LOW ROAR.

    Low Roar is a project of Ryan Karazija who traded sunny California skies for the stark, bleak beauty of Reykjavik in order to embrace his inner Jonsi.

    It seems to have yielded spectacular results, much like when Justin Vernon trudged off into the Canadian forest, and emerged a few months later singing falsetto about gluey feathers on the flume. The new Low Roar album, 0 (that’s a zero and not an O, Mr Rice fans) has been released, as has this amazing cover of Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1”. It’s exactly what you’d expect of an Arcade Fire track covered in Iceland - haunting, intimate, and you’ll probably find yourself staring out the window, feeling vaguely uneasy about volcanoes.

    Go and buy 0 - it is spectacular, but in the meantime fire this up and “dig a tunnel from my window to yours.”

    Contributed by @johnpienaar

  • Birds Don’t Sing - TV Girl.

    San Diego’s TV Girl are described as “Lo-fi bubblegum pop geared for the children of chillwave”. Their music is a sampladelic mash of 80’s indie, shoegaze, trip-hop beats and all manner of fashionable retro. It’s naas for a poolside summery vaab…

    Contributed by @jonathanbeggs.