The River - Nhlanhla Majozi.

Durbanites will be familiar with the soulful, folky sounds of Nhlanhla Majozi - The Litchi Orchid’s very own musical prodigy. Majozi is a newcomer to the scene who has worked hard in the past year playing countless gigs in and around Durban. His biggest shows to date have been opening for Gangs of Ballet, Zebra & Giraffe and for South African raised international artist Yoav.

His debut EP Marvelous Light made it into the Top 10 iTunes chart (South Africa) and no. 1 in the singer/songwriter category. 

Contributed by @fictionfred

  • Believe In Me - The Pierces

    "Believe In Me" is a spectacular piece of pure pop joy, straight out of the 80’s. Sisters Allison and Catherine Pierce have been performing since they could walk (or dance) and it shows. The track is incredibly well crafted and produced, and will evoke Wilson Philips at their best.

    If you’re a fan of Haim’s latest album, you’ll definitely want to check out The Pierces.

    Contributed by @johnpienaar

  • These Are Things That Dreams Are Made Of - The Human League.

    The Human League were one of the best synth-pop-art bands of the New Wave era. They were both popular and influential – enjoying several #1’s in the UK and USA. This track, off their landmark Dare album, was sampled by Richard X and Kelis for the wonderful “Finest Dreams”. It’s a classic 80’s advertisement for travel (and romance), with great synths, topped by Phil Oakey’s flat drone of a vocal. It’s easy to dismiss a lot of 80’s New Wave music as lightweight office party fodder. Well, this one is for a very superior office party…

    Contributed by @jonathanbeggs

  • Modes of Transport - Stillwave.

    Stillwave was formed by Michaël van Putten, Marcel Jongejan and Adriaan Hogervorst in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Their sound is a mix of alternative, new wave, post-punk and shoegaze. Stillwave creates an innovative mix of guitars drenched in reverb, characteristic vocals and powerful drums, combined with electronics and synthesizers. 

    Contributed by the artist.

  • West Coast - Lana Del Rey.

    At last! The new Lana Del Rey single has arrived and it’s just as good as I’d hoped it would be.

    The beautiful and talented Miss Del Rey premiered “West Coast”, off her upcoming album Ultraviolet, last weekend at Coachella. Ultraviolet is supposedly going to be released in early May.

    "West Coast" is an incredible first single and sets the bar high for the rest of the album. And, in case you didn’t know, Dan Auerbach, frontman of the Black Keys, produced this track.

    Contributed by @HashtagDyl.

  • Awake - Tycho

    Taken from the album of the same name, I’ve been playing “Awake” to death in recent weeks. Everything I’ve read suggests Tycho’s (or Scott Hansen’s) previous albums have been less “guitar driven”. I can’t vouch for that, but I’ve found “Awake” — with it’s repeated themes and rare vocals — a great album to work to.

    I find the album consistently inspiring and yet, after repeat listenings, pleasingly undistracting. It heightens performance rather than detracting from it. But then, that might well just be my experience of it, which is why I’ve picked this track — to my mind the most universally appealing.

    Hansen also produces photographic and design work under the moniker ISO50. “Ambient” seems as fitting a label for his imagery as it does his sound — evocative, soothing, at times other-worldly. A limited amount of research suggests the name is taken from the astronomer Tycho Brahe, making it fit all even more snuggly.

    Contributed by @craigwilson.

  • Uncle ACE (a/jus/ted Remix) - Blood Orange.

    "Uncle ACE", the beautifully understated funk-infused jam from Blood Orange’s masterful Cupid Deluxe, now gets it’s time in the sun with a 12” vinyl release, which includes a couple of sweet, sweet remixes. Listen to the rather epic a/jus/ted reworking above and pre-order the record here.

    Contributed by @lancedaniels.

  • Queen Of Hearts - Darlia.

    I’m not sure why I haven’t posted this song before. It’s been on my list of songs to post for quite some time now. Apologies for keeping this to myself for so long. Here it is! A good 2 minute, 44 second raw and rollicking rock song.

    This track is taken from the band’s seemingly only release, an EP called ‘Candyman’. They’re from the UK and hopefully they become huge and release more music, because this is great.

    Contributed by @SchweppsRocka

  • Honest - The New Division.

    I was so excited when I heard that The New Division were releasing a new album. It’s been two years since we’d featured their debut on Noonday Tune, and the follow up, Together We Shine, is definitely worth the wait. “Honest” is a dancey lullaby, an exercise in melancholy new wave nostalgia, all shimmering synthesizers and glittering guitars (courtesy of collaborator Starflyer 59) and features a chorus that can only be described as “achingly gorgeous”.

    John Kunkel’s vocals are as plaintive as ever, but he has grown so much as a songwriter, and so many of the tracks off this album refuse to leave my player, let alone my brain. Regret, hope, ennui, love, life. These are big concepts to cram into four minute pop songs, but The New Division nail it with every track. This album is lush.

    Together We Shine is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

    Contributed by @orchidhunter.

  • Mistakes Of My Youth - EELS.

    E, or Mark Oliver Everett, caught everyone’s attention with his deadpan delivery on “Susan’s House" back in 1996. 18 years later and E and his band are releasing album number 11 (as EELS, E also has two solo albums) next week. The first single is "Mistakes Of My Youth" and I love it. 

    You can also watch the video for it here.

    Contributed by @rowaneva.

  • Shivers - Magic Bronson.

    After two years of live shows and studio work, electronic rock duo Magic Bronson released two new singles via War Cry Records on 25 March. The singles precede a full length album due out in the summer, and follow the band’s debut 2013 EP, Nor’easter.

    Magic Bronson’s name is a blend of the 2008 film Bronson, a psychological drama of Britain’s most violent criminal, and Magic Johnson, the basketball player. The name reflects the fusing of their different styles, while also revealing both the dark side of their music and the humor and lightheartedness of it.

    Contributed by the artist.

  • Moaning Lisa Smile - Wolf Alice.

    Wolf Alice hail from North London, and consist of Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis. Their new EP (they have yet to record a full length album) hits the Internet at the end of May and “Moaning Lisa Smile” suggests it may be a bit rockier than their previous material; no complaints from me!

    Contributed by @rowaneva.

  • My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit.

    I played First Aid Kit’s previous album, The Lion’s Roar, much like a young girl in the 60s would play a Beatles record - over and over and OVER. It was probably my most played album of 2012. Damn, I just love these Swedish sisters. Their new album, Stay Gold, is releasing in June - and this is the wonderful single they are teasing us with.

    PS: you should follow them on Instagram

    Contributed by @miss_moss.

  • Bullet Train - Gardens & Villa.

    Something about the opening bars of this song by Gardens & Villa makes me think of 80s The Cure. The music video is also super cool. This is the second album from this Santa Barbara based band, you can buy it here.

    Contributed by @miss_moss.

  • Looking for All (All Rendered Truth) - Lonnie Holley.

    Lonnie Holley is in his sixties and started off as a visual artist using stone and found objects. He has some stuff in the Smithsonian and he started recording music only a few years ago (but I’m sure he’s been singing all his life).

    Just keys and vocals with such a penetrating unforgettable voice. It will probably make you stop what you are doing at any given time and just listen. He must be quite a hard act to follow on stage, which is appropriate since he is the opening act for Bill Callahan.

    Contributed by @fictionfred